Malibu, California
(424) 235-0189

Greenwich, Connecticut
(203) 340-3404

Malibu U.S. Holdings Inc. is a privately held company having majority and minority interests in various investments. Malibu U.S. Holdings invests in commercial real estate related services businesses, as well as direct investments in office and multifamily properties in the United States.

Separately, through Malibu Technology Ventures LLC,  Malibu U.S. Holdings  invests in specific medical technologies and advisory  services businesses.

For further information please
call (203) 340-3404. You will be directed to the appropriate Malibu Companies website or be provided additional information, should this be your need. Please ask for Deb Wahl, she will be glad to assist you. 

Please send general mail to :

Malibu U.S. Holdings
P.O. Box 4681
  Greenwich, CT 06831



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